The Emigre


Life is a Garden of Eden. You want money? You scam it. You want sex? You take it. You want talent? You steal it. That’s what conmen do. Nicholas Strakhan was born to live by his wits. From his father, an émigré Russian count in Paris, he inherits charm; his talent for music comes from his mother. He resolves to become a great concert pianist, but he isn’t quite gifted enough to reach the heights. So he strikes a bargain. With the devil? Who knows? Talent is such a mysterious thing.


“Pure magic”

Sunday Times

“Exquisite, fascinating”

Sunday Telegraph
“Mysterious … flamboyant … captivating”

“Rich and mesmerising”

Time out

“So this then is the answer to Freud’s despairing comment about what it is that women want… rich, intelligent and entertaining …”