Death Comes for Peter Pan


A savage tangle of greed, law and love: one woman’s struggle against a healthcare system with a vested interest in death. Based on a truth so shocking that it could only be published as fiction.

Alice Kessler is a fighter. When she is told that her beloved husband has only a few months left to live, she refuses to accept it. Instead, she takes her beloved Peter to American, the land of miracles. There she finds a second love – unwanted, unexpected, yet irresistible in its own right.


“A real page turner … altogether wonderful”

Time Out

“Unfolds with all the glamourous intensity of a hot New York night … tinglingly alive”

Sunday Times

“Wholly absorbing … always unpredictable … always fascinating”


“A devastating love story”



Literary Review

Death Comes for Peter Pan

Longlisted for the Orange Prize

Shortlisted for the Mind Prize

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